journeys to creation

Trips to hackathons to meet like-minded creators.


Fall 2013 hackNY Student Hackathon

NYU - September 28-29th

hackNY organizes once-a-semester student hackathons at which NYC startups present their technologies and students build original applications based on them.

Hack'n Jill Build'n Play Hackathon

Alley NYC - October 4-5th

2013 has represented a significant year for mobile, web, and console games with mixed responses from the engineering and design community about gender representation. We want to welcome people of all identities as consumers as well as producers, and illustrate that anyone can build and participate in a game.


MIT - October 5-6th

hackMIT is the inaugural student hackathon held at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


Rutgers University - October 12-13th

HackRU is a 24-hour student hackathon where students will work alone or in small teams to envision, create, and demo an application.


Duke University - November 9-10th

Meet students from other schools in North Carolina and the surrounding area. What will you make in just 24 hours?

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