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Spotify HQ - November 23rd, 3 pm

DemoDays will rock your world! tech@NYU has teamed up with Parsons Code Club, Create@Cooper and Columbia ADI to serve up some mouth-watering demos. Join us at Spotify's sick new office to watch some really cool student demos, meet interesting people, and eat some great food.

Tech@NYU Startup Week DemoDays

TechStars - October 5th, 3 pm

It's been some months since you've seen us, but DemoDays is back and bigger than ever to wrap up Tech@NYU's 2013 Fall Startup Week. In case you're new around these parts, here's how it works: students present their projects. Handful of 2-minute demos. A few 5-minute demos. Guest speaker rocks the house. Hang out and eat pizza.

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