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meet the team

jasmine tang

director - coordination

Once upon a time there was a girl named Jasmine. She wasn't in a fairy tale with the tigers and the flying carpet. She does like to travel the world as shown through her life in 4 different countries. Ya like jazz?

christopher watkins

director - logistics

Originally from the Deep South, Christopher is a senior at The Cooper Union where he studies Electrical Engineering and Mathematics. His interests include jazz, soccer, language, strategy, comedy, and long walks on the beach. Norm Macdonald is his role model. Someday he hopes to own a ranch in Texas.

shailesh patro

director - sponsorship

From beyond the dunes and amongst the tall buildings of Dubai, Shailesh came to the Cooper Union to study mechanical engineering. These days he is distracted by fuh-nance and spends a lot of his time trading and writing algorithims. He is obsessed with buzzwords: AI, Blockchain, IOT are his middle names. He loves beaches, hot weather, tall buildings and hanging out with his best buds and lil bro.

jai himatsingka

director - outreach

A brilliant combination of wit, sass and skill. A must-meet senior mechanical engineering student, who enjoys stealing (borrowing) his cousin's dog and reading about thermodynamics and fih-nance. Someday he hopes to own a ranch on Mars and raise martian cattle.

crystal wang

logistics & outreach

Born in a 70-degree-all-year city, this Chinese girl is a sophomore studying Electrical Engineering at The Cooper Union. She has been to almost 30 countries around the world. A foodie. A low-level musician that plays the bass, the flute, the piano, and a chinese instrument called "Pipa". At her "peek", she speaks Mandarin, English, German and French(but gradually forgetting French) Being an artsy girl is always her dream :))

laarnie delos reyes

logistics & outreach

Laarnie is a junior Chemical Engineering student at The Cooper Union, who was born in the Philippines and raised in the Bronx. She has an interest in sustainability and environmental engineering. Her hobbies include playing Borderlands 2 and spending time with her dog, Boomer. She also has an ever-growing makeup collection.

timil patel

logistics & outreach

From a small town in Long Island, Timil is a junior Chemical Engineering student at The Cooper Union. He has interest in a variety of things, including cars, sustainable energy, computers, space exploration, and food. His hobbies include video games and playing basketball. The number one thing on his bucket list is visiting the moon.

paulo serodio


With mixed race and mixed interests, Paulo is a serial hackathoner who decided to get involved in organizing one. He is a General Engineering student at the Cooper Union, and is pursuing a curriculum focused on biology. Besides his interests in electronics and programming, he has also designed graphics illustrating Cooper's curriculum

harris paspuleti


The path of life is often complex and complicated— unlike Harris. As he finds his way, this straightforward, honest individual can be found studying Mechanical Engineering at The Cooper Union. Apart from engineering, subjects such as patent law and medicine peak the interest of this curious creature

andrey akhmetov


Hailing from Upstate New York, Andrey is a junior at the Cooper Union, studying Electrical and Computer engineering. His hobbies include hardware and software design, and his semi-professional interests include machine learning, mass transit, and power electronics.

michael lendino


Michael is a junior Electrical Engineering student at The Cooper Union. He loves all of his friends. He enjoys long walks on the beach, delta epsilon proofs, playing basketball, and having a happy time

kevin jiang


Kevin was born in the Golden State and grew up surrounded by fantasy books in the Far Eastern motherland of his parents. At the tender age of 7, he was swept up by the ruthless war of computer gaming, where he formed his strongest bonds. The war ended for Kevin a few years ago, and he is now a hobby artist and a budding sophomore Electrical Engineer at the Cooper Union.

sam jiang


Sam is a senior Mechanical Engineering student who pretends to be a graphic designer. It usually works out well enough<./p>

rafi mueen


I guess since everyone here wants a ranch somewhere one day and is into "fih-nance", I also want to own a ranch in Pluto doing "fuh-nance" in the Plutonian Stock Exchange. That aside, I'm an Electrical General Engineer at Cooper who loves to tinker with cars, electronics, and graphic design. In my free time, I love to hang out with my friends, lift weights, rock climb, or kick back with the most adorable cat in the world pep-purr.

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