a community for starting the project you love

We are dedicated to empowering the students of The Cooper Union to create their best work. We share skills, showcase projects, and immerse ourselves in the New York City ecosystem. We believe passionate innovation lays the foundation for the products of tomorrow.

events to ignite your passion

create and tell

Excite creators with your latest project through an amazing demo.

community workshops

Share the skills you use to build your projects.

creator stories

Talks by inspirational creators on the projects they built.

journeys to creation

Trips to museums, makerspaces, and hackathons to meet like-minded creators.

check out the results of our first hackathon!

meet the team

sharang phadke

community organizer

eric leong


andrew rehayem

web master

ratan sur

business manager

alyssa davis

head designer

nick breeser

social media expert

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